First blog post

My first blog post. I’ve been in Daytona a week now, and so far it feels like the seven other times I’ve visited. Like swimming with water wings before you’re told you’re too old for them. Safe.

When the realization hit me in March that I had to uproot and move here, I admit I wasn’t thrilled. But I quickly realized that pretending everything was awesome would probably give me ulcers or anxiety attacks. Thankfully I had two incredible co-workers who would listen to me whine as plans unfolded, and a trivia team of friends who would buy me gin and tonics when I griped about the move.

Being honest has helped me cope with all the change, true. But I also know a positive outlook is key to not just success, but survival. I love Janine for the going-away card and journal to drive that point home. It’s a needed daily reminder.

So, in an effort to look on the bright side, I’ve decided I’m going to take advantage of all (alllllllll) my free time here in FL and accomplish some goals. I made a list.

  1. Get fit
  2. Learn to cook
  3. Play more cello
  4. Read one book each week

The day before my move, I had to get measured for a bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding. I had the saleswoman re-measure my waist. I didn’t believe her first go. Apparently two weeks of eating cake and drinking champagne can indeed catch up with you. Anything I had lost before my own wedding was promptly gained back immediately afterward. (But I mean, when you gain 7 pounds back in cake and champagne, life’s pretty great.) So, I do need to update the above list to reflect the new two inches around my waist. Revised list:

  1. Get fit
  2. Lose post-wedding weight
  3. Learn to cook
  4. Play more cello
  5. Read one book each week
  6. Get fit

And hey, moving to a new place means getting to explore a new place and find new things to do and enjoy. So far, here’s what I like about Florida:

  1. The weather
  2. Sweet tea is sold everywhere
  3. Tacos exist everywhere
  4. The staff at Publix are weirdly nice to me
  5. I’m in the best time zone for tv announcements #estrocks

Okay, so maybe not an inspiring list, but a great work-in-progress. Learn to like Florida.

I specifically live in Daytona Beach. People know it for the beach with hard sand you can drive on, and for spring break WOO-HOO. Here’s what I know so far about DB:

  1. It used to be a plantation until 1835
  2. It has only recorded snow fall flurries 2 times since 1880 (no record of ground snow – don’t hate me)
  3. I’ve never seen public transportation here
  4. Everyone here loves a) NASCAR b) motorcycles or c) both, except me

Also not a great list. But room to improve. And I’ll have the time to get to know the place. So far this first week has meant cleaning the entire apartment, top to bottom. I can almost hear my mom and her friends laughing. But I promise it was no laughing matter. “Pink is the loveliest color, except when it’s around my drain” will likely be the title of my next post. (Note my early assimilation to this new American culture with the weird spelling of color!)




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